Southfields Village & Caledon Anthem's Market Stats as of May 2, 2018

Wednesday May 02nd, 2018


I'm sure you have heard various reports on the real estate market and all the negative talk around it. While some areas of the G.T.A. may not be doing as well, its definaltey not the case in all parts of the G.T.A. I usally comply a market stats report when meeting with a client in order to help them look past the "news" and get the local facts, to better help them make an informed decision. In this blog, I am focusing in the Southfields Village and Caledon Anthems Real Estate Market, an area that I focus on.  

I do this for my clients, to help them better understand the market dynamics. This report is complied by myself with the data pulled from the Toronot Real Estate Board stats. I hope you find this information valuble. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at 416-700-7400 or by email at: I would be glad to assist. 



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